Friday, 15 September 2017

Some Facts about Invisalign

The popularity of invialign has increased quickly and there are some pretty right reasons for it. Teens and adults like to have this treatment because it has certain advantages which the traditional metal braces may not be able to give. This discrete treatment basically involves application of clear aligner trays which remain almost invisible when these trays are on. Furthermore, this treatment takes a lot less time as compared to the traditional braces. Hence, invisailgn or clear aligner overall is a more convenient and safer solution to make the alignment of teeth the ideal one, and that too in the shorter time.

What invisalign basically is?
Invisalign is basically a teeth alignment treatment which has emerged to be an ideal alternative to the traditional braces. This treatment involves application of clear aligner trays in a series to slowly and consistently reshape the dental structure to improve the look and bite. The trays are prepared using 3D scans of the teeth. In the series, every tray prepared is meant to move the teeth towards more aligned structure. The difference is that you will not have to go through the pain of getting the teeth moved due to pulling of metal wires. The patient is usually suggested to keep every tray in the series worn on for about two weeks. Application of this much duration aligns the teeth structure without causing any pain.

The best thing about these trays is that you can get these trays off when you are about to eat or clean your teeth. You can brush and floss your teeth in the normal ways and then wear the trays on again.

How long the entire treatment takes?
Although the average duration of entire treatment is 12 months, the duration may extend or decrease depending upon the treatment plan and progress. If there is more of the severity of misalignment, the treatment time may extend to a few more months. When the treatment is over, you may be required to use the retainer in order to prevent the teeth from getting misaligned again. This retainer may be used for quite some time after the treatment.

Who can be the right candidate for invisalign?

Although this treatment is open for most of the patients who would have bite misalignment problems, the treatment remains to be an ideal solution for the ones with minor bite and alignment issues. The small gaps and minor misalignments can be treated with invisalign and that too with much less pain and discomfort. The people with major alignment problems, however, may not be the candidates for this treatment.  Furthermore, people with chronic gum problems and cavities may first need to get their dental health issues fixed before starting the invisalign treatment.

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